There are lots of things in my life that I’m grateful for. At the very tip-top of this list is Fionola! I’m a pharmacist by career & see people every day who are emotionally and/or physically out of balance. I wish I could prescribe Bioenergy and coaching with Fionola to all of these people. My best friend is a psychologist, my brother is a consultant, I have been to various therapies including NLP, CBT & benefited from all of this self-work … then I met Fionola & that’s where the magic began!

She is warm, nurturing, encouraging & above all seriously gifted in her work! Unlike other therapies where I felt the burden of facing my fears & emotional blocks, with Fionola the important “stuff” came to light when I felt ready – she helped me lift & clear issues that had a tight grip on me … and honestly, it was painless!! I just “showed up”, greeted each time with the warmest welcome & as I went about my normal life; huge changes occurred; all so positive & now I feel so free! There was no delving or battle or projection as I journeyed, things changed course naturally and easily … it’s all down to my coaching and Bioenergy healing sessions with Fionola.

All I can say is go with an open mind & see where it takes you! For me, it has been life-changing & I’m forever grateful to have met Fionola! I followed her advice to just “turn up for the session” at my own pace. It has enriched my life in so many ways!
Thank you to the stars and back Fionola

Sue W. Douglas, Cork

“Fionola helped me so deeply that words can’t do the impact of her work justice. I found the wholeness I’d longed for all my life through working with her. These, I developed: self-esteem, I now have self-worth, I have the most beautiful baby boy and partner because of her help. She helped me dissolve past trauma and learn to trust myself and step into my power to lead my life from my heart sums up the process in short.

My life now is abundant in all areas – full of love, authenticity, freedom, connection, the true currencies of life. Whenever I needed help to get in touch with myself, Fionola’s coaching sessions always did just that. It all starts with Fionola’s 4-day bio-energy sessions which are beyond powerful. I regularly give thanks for having found Fionola and her presence in my life and because of her having such a wonderful life now.”

Evelyn Cotter CEO & Founder of London’s market leader in Career Coaching

“The one-to-one coaching has opened me up to a new journey of self-discovery. You get to know yourself and start to feel excited about life again. Fionola is very supportive, empathic, and engages the client on the right path to get the most out of each session. “

Kathy S. Cork

“Fionola is absolutely amazing!
Since the very first day I met Fionola, I’ve never looked back.
The very moment I met her, I noticed her warm, authentic and loving nature. She creates such a safe space to speak freely, I truly can say anything without a filter and know that I won’t be judged.

When I step into the treatment room, it doesn’t take long before I fall into this feeling of surrender, and any walls I’ve built around me are dropped.

I’ve been having sessions with Fionola for almost a year and looking back, I can see how much my life has changed for the better.
I’m way more in my own power and have evolved to become my true authentic self with myself and the people around me. I’ve healed emotional trauma from years ago which I didn’t think was possible and healed relationships along the way. I have also cut out some toxic relationships, which needed to go.

I now have so much self-respect, self-love and have learned the absolute necessity of self partnering. I have learned to recognise old patterns or triggers and I am able to respond in a different way than before. I look forward to each session I have and am always excited to see what is uncovered next. ..

S. B. Wicklow

“Just a little note to thank you so much Fionola I am feeling so much better. Headaches are gone and I am back in the recording studio! I will send you a copy over the coming weeks. Thanks so much when I am back in Cork again I will come to see you xx

S. B (Canada)

“Fionola was instrumental in helping me to understand patterns in all my relationships. How do I choose to invite someone into my life and what am I willing to give up to give others the gift of a relationship with me? This was an important awareness’s for me this past year. I learned that I put others first in everything. Husbands, children, bosses, and friends they all got all of me and on a very unconscious level, I held resentments about this. I have learned to be more mindful of the relationships I choose to allow to take my time. I think I could best describe this process as wiping the chalkboard clean. I was able to learn that sometimes a person has to see the relationships that they have invested in that are not healthy and those have to go away….. to make room for “The ONE”. Being a people pleaser I have always allowed people to ask more and more of me and now I can choose to say no.

The coaching work I did with Fionola was instrumental in teaching me about WHAT I WANT in “The One” relationship. Really, what has surprised me most is this new awareness that I am OK without a relationship – for now. I was married at 16 for 10 years and then immediately found another relationship to invest in for another 20 + years, when that broke apart I entered another 3-year relationship. I have changed my patterns and for now, I have taken this year to be with ME. Thank you Fionola for all your powerful help Julianne H (USA)

I initially attended Fionola with a minor health complaint. The energy sessions however became all-encompassing.
I had previously engaged in counseling before I met Fionola but the brief four sessions of energy therapy were just as, if not more cathartic and profound. After the sessions, I felt especially grounded and present. The overall sense of wellness I have experienced both physically, mentally, and emotionally since the sessions have been wonderful.

Fionola exudes a sense of grace, compassion, and wisdom. It is an honor and pleasure to be in her company. Overall, I feel awed by the experience and inspired by the positive changes it has initiated.

In deepest appreciation, Fiona x (Cork City)
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer

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